Downbeat Rockers record releases 2017 with Dub and Drum n’ Bass versions

With help of Dexter Dub from Nippes Home Recording, we finished our records Donald Dub and Cold Steam and they sound great! 

Both reggae tracks are now ready to go out to you. We decided to prefer the digital, online release instead of first creating a touchable media. Perhaps we’re going to release them in the future on cd/lp, but nothing clear so far. 

We’re also proud to announce that there will be some Dub remixes and drum and Bass versions from previously mentioned Dexter Dub, who also helped us to go out on all the usual platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music, google music, Deezer and who knows what else. If everything goes right, we could expect the release at 1st march of 2017. But we’ll deeper inform you exactly at this place. 

Perhaps you’ll find some pre releases here soon… 

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